Christian Prayers

Christian prayers can be quite varied, sometimes read from text and other times be spontaneous. The most well-known Christian prayer is the Lord's Prayer, which according to the gospel (Matthew 6:9–13) is how Jesus taught his disciples to pray. The Lord's Prayer is a model for prayers of adoration, confession and petition in Christianity.

Christians generally pray to God or to the Father. Some Christians (Catholics & Orthodox) will also ask the righteous in heaven and "in Christ" such as Virgin Mary or other saints to intercede by praying on their behalf.

It is customary among Protestants to end prayers with "In Jesus' name, Amen" or "In the name of Christ, Amen". However the most commonly used closure in Christianity is simply "Amen" which is taken from the Hebrew language to mean "so be it".

Popularity Prayers name Religion
Prayer of Commendation Christianity
Intercession Prayer Christianity
Prayer of Faith Christianity
Christmas Eve Prayer Christianity
Prayer of Supplication Christianity
The Lords Prayer Christianity
Prayer of Contemplation Christianity
A Lamb has Fallen Christianity
Prayer of Easter Christianity
Prayer For Marriage Christianity