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Prayers.co.uk - An online prayer database

Welcome to prayers.co.uk, the aim of this site is to help share prayers as well as the meaning/history behind each prayer.

If you are interested in helping us build our online database of prayers please get in touch.

What are Prayers

Prayers are a form of religious practice, they can be communal or individual and can be performed in both a public or private place. Most major religions involve prayers in their worship although they may have different rules on when and how they are performed.

Although the text of many prayers are written down the contents of a prayer can be anything and can be delivered in the form of spoken word, a song or in silence.

Prayers can be performed for many reasons such as to give thanks, request guidance, for forgiveness or to help express a person’s thoughts and emotions. They may be said for the sake of others or for their own benefit.

History of Prayer

There are written sources that show prayers were said 5000 years ago although it is believed by some anthropologists that prayers were performed since the beginning of modern man.

The origins of prayers used today may go back over a long period in history and the text may have changed slightly over time. We will try and document the origins of prayers listed, if you have any knowledge you wish to share on specific prayers please get in touch.

Prayers by religion

Christian (18), Hinduism (17), Chinese traditional (13), Zoroastrianism (9), Shinto (6), Neo-Paganism (6), Cao Dai (6), Bahá (6), Buddhism (6), Rastafarianism (5), Islam (4), Jainism (4), Judaism (4), Spiritism (4), African traditional Sikhism (4), Unitarian Universalism (4) or Tenrikyo (2)


Death (19), Marriage (17), Birth (8), Christmas (4), Acension (1)


Thanks (81), Difficult Time (28), Creation (8)


World Prayers (57), Opening Prayers (46), Payer of Intercessions (1)