Rastafarianism Prayers

All in one and one in all. I am in you and you are in I . It is irie. 
It's just a matter of recognizing the most high within. Seek and find. Truth reveals its self and does no it hide.investigate. the truth must be a deep confirmation to I belief and be so rooted in I that nothing can remove it...for beliefs change...but the truth never changes...to know the truth....beliefs may change and leave from within I. But the truth and knowledge of it can never leave.....we are nothing but bundles of infinite potential. Davine wisdom. It within all creation. our higher nature, not fallen, is to bring forth this knowledge of our creator that has been placed in each and bring it out and live it in wisdom
Overstate the knowledge. Know thyself. Jah kingdom within..live in...build a home in zion...on the rock...and not on material sands....irie ONENESS in spirit seen


Rastafarians regard marijuana as a sacred herb and use it as a part of prayer and worship. Consumption of marijuana, which rastas often call "wisdom weed," involves saying a special prayer before it is smoked in a group setting in what is known as a "reasoning session." During these sessions, Rastas use marijuana to "produce visions of a religious and calming nature," according to the BBC, and may read from the Bible, sing or discuss important issues.

The Prayer

I pray not by always asking for things...but by listening to what Jah is askings....

To shut up the ego, be humble and obay Jahs commands is a prayer beyond words. 

I pray in spirit...words can assist...but words cant be dead(no spirit)

To surrender to Jah and The Allmightys will, to let go of the egos power trip and put all trust in Jah so not to fall...

I pray by asking strength to overcome all temptations , and the power to trample the devol

Ina irie meditation I pray for I and I and I, all and one impartial.

I pray to Haillie selassie The power of The Trinity to Give grace and send Jah saving hand Yeshua The Christ to rise and shine in IandI

I pray for the days Jah Kingdom Florishes over the entire green earth and wickedness is no more
I pray for Jah to banish this darkness from my own heart with the illumination of his enlightening one, the christ the davine, the hola of of Rastafari to fulfill the body and uplift it along with its counterpart the earth into Zion to make earth and heaven one as Zion.

Establish the foundation....The foundation is of the spirit not of the material and flesh....

I pray pray INI establish the roots of INI faith on solid ground so that when things shack rattle and roll nothing can make INI fall get knocked over or crumbles..........Zion Iron Strong Lion Heart! 

Courage to pray, meditate.

One part of prayer is in spirits...Other part is in physical action...Cultivate it up from within...Carry it out....
This is prayer and worship....Bless Up

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