Fresh Start

When I have said my evening prayer, And my clothes are folded on the chair, And mother switches off the light, I’ll still be ___ years old tonight. But from the very break of day, Before the children rise and play, Before the darkness turns to gold, Tomorrow, I’ll be ___ years old. ___ kisses when I wake, ___ candles on my cake.... 


 In Rastafarianism, as in most other cultures, there are certain rituals and rites of passage.  One such ritual is performed as soon as a child is born into Rastafarianism.  It consists of the child being “blessed by elders in the community, during a Nyabingi session of drumming, chanting and prayer” ("Religion: Rastafari," n.d.).  This ritual is the main ritual that is observed in this culture, and where many other cultures or groups of people would celebrate other things such as birthdays, marriage, or death, Rastafarians may shy away from such rituals.  For example, there is typically not a real marriage ceremony.  Once a man and woman live together, it is understood that they are married ("Religion: Rastafari," n.d.).  Also, there is no funeral, because Rastafarians believe that people do not die, but that they are reincarnated.  The giving of a funeral symbolizes the end of life, which is indeed against that belief ("Religion: Rastafari," n.d.).

The Prayer

Jah Jah, Just like you created the Garden of Eden to bloom a new, I ask Jah Jah for a fresh new start. Bless me so that my mind nor my heart will not be weighed down by troubles or concerns of the past. Bless me so that I may look forward to taking a new step forward, on a brand new horizon.’

Jah Jah, is the creator, he builds a new. By the birth of new born babies to the rise of a new sun each day. I know he is constantly serving humanity, with his love and his new beginnings

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